How to Slow Motion on Instagram?

How to Slow Motion on Instagram?

Today, Instagram, one of the most popular social media platforms, comes with many beautiful and new features every day. The slow-motion feature on Instagram is one of the most preferred and loved features, especially by young people. So, how to do slow motion on Instagram?

Slow Motion (Stop-Motion) Feature on Instagram

The process of taking multiple photos and creating videos with GIF extension with the combination of all photos is done thanks to the Instagram slow-motion feature. However, at this time, we would like to underline that the photos do not merge. Only, all the shares in the story pass very quickly. For this reason, the stories are seen as short videos with GIF extensions.

Thanks to this important feature of Instagram, people can add slow-motion videos to their stories. Thanks to this feature, users can both have great fun and create enjoyable videos. If you want to witness these pleasant moments, you can easily add the slow-motion feature to the story section of Instagram.

Thanks to this very fun feature added to the Instagram story, you can have the chance to take many photos, and you can have these photos come together automatically. You can also create new GIF-like images. But there is one thing we should highlight. You need to be sure of the photos you take. Otherwise, we would like to say that you cannot make any adjustments. Because Instagram combines the images you take in a certain order.

Slow Motion (Stop-Motion) on Instagram

Instagram's slow-motion feature is preferred by users quite often. Although this feature is loved by some people, some people do not know about the slow-motion feature. Here's how slow motion is done on Instagram:

  • To be able to do slow motion on Instagram, you must first install the latest version of the application on your phone.

  • Then you should click on the story section at the top left of your Instagram account.

  • After clicking on the Story section, you should switch to the 'Multiple Shots' screen under the 'Hands-Free' category that will appear.

  • By clicking the 'Multiple Shots' button, you can start taking the photos you want in the easiest and fastest way.

  • After completing the photoshoot, you also have the opportunity to add text, tags, or stickers to your photo so that the photo-sharing is special.

  • You can adjust the effect properties as you wish, and you can easily save the GIF you have prepared to your gallery.

  • After the whole process is finished, you can press the 'Done' button in the upper corner of the screen and make your story ready.

  • You can also preview the story that you have prepared.

  • If the preview is exactly what you want, we would like to say that you have successfully completed the slow-motion process on Instagram.

  • Finally, you can share your story with your friends in the best way possible.