How to Upload Gifs to Instagram?

How to Upload Gifs to Instagram?

Thanks to the new features that Instagram adds to its structure every day, it allows users to share different shares. Thanks to this opportunity, all users can express themselves better to their followers. As such, people who want to make different shares aim to share the GIF files they have created on their personal profiles. Although this feature is desired to be used by many people, Instagram does not support files with GIF extension yet, so users have to perform different actions to share files with the relevant extension.

Although Instagram does not support GIF files, it offers the opportunity to share GIF-looking MP4 files. For this reason, what you need to do is to change the extension of the GIF file you have to MP3. As such, you can easily access the vehicles that provide the relevant service as a result of your research on the internet. In this context, we share with you the answer to the question "How to Upload Gifs to Instagram" in the most detailed way.

What kind of actions should be done from mobile devices to upload gifs?

Adding gifs to Instagram can be done easily from both iOS and Android devices. In this context, the steps you need to follow for both devices are given below.

Sharing Gifs on Instagram on iOS Devices

If you have an iOS phone and want to share gifs on Instagram, follow the steps below completely.

If you want to add gifs to Instagram from your Apple-branded device, you must first download the application called “GitLab” from the App Store.

  • First, save the GIF file in the "Photos" section of your phone.

  • Open the GifLab app and click on the “GIF to Instagram” option.

  • Select the “GIF” extension file that you will upload to Instagram from where it is saved.

  • After adjusting the playback speed of the gif, press the "Save and share on Instagram" button.

After this last step, the application will direct you directly to the "Instagram" application and enable you to perform your sharing operations.

Sharing Gifs on Instagram on Android Devices

To share gifs on Instagram on Android phones, you need to use the "Giphy Cam" application instead of the GitLab application. In this context, before starting the sharing process, go to the Google Play Store and download the "Giphy Cam" application, and after the installation is complete, start applying the following steps.

  • Save the gif file you will share on Instagram to the "Gallery" application.

  • Open the “Giphy Cam” app and tap the “Filmstrip” icon.

  • Select the gif you want to upload to Instagram from the "Gallery" section.

  • Tapping the “Instagram” button right after the gif to be shared is suitable for Instagram.

  • Complete the process by clicking on the “Share” option.

After these steps, you can easily share Gifs on Instagram and create beautiful content for your followers.

Why Is There No Gif Sharing Feature On Instagram?

Instagram only serves as a video and photo-sharing platform. For this reason, the extensions it supports are also very limited. Unfortunately, a user can't go beyond the supported content extension formats. For this reason, since Instagram does not support the gif extension yet, it does not offer its users the opportunity to use this extension.

In this context, if you want to get information about the extensions that Instagram supports, you can take a look at the list below. Since there is no gif extension in this list, unfortunately, you have to convert the gif to mp4 format using different tools and share it that way.

  • MP4

  • JPEG

  • JPG

  • PNG

Apart from this list, you are not likely to upload any file with the extension to Instagram by normal means.

When Will the Feature of Adding Gifs to Instagram Coming?

Many people are constantly in anticipation of new features while using Instagram. One of these expectations is the ability to add gifs to Instagram. People who are tired of using extra tools to perform this process are trying to get an idea of ​​when the platform will support files with gif extensions. Although Instagram has not yet made an official statement on the subject, gif, one of the most popular motion photo extensions in the world, will soon be supported by the platform.

Are There Any Limits to Sharing Gifs on Instagram?

If you want to share beautiful gifs on your profile using the tools created for uploading gifs to Instagram, you may have many question marks on this subject. One of these question marks is whether there is any numerical limit to the shared gifs. While many users share gifs on their accounts, they say that the account is closed or blocked after a while, but the platform does not have any explanation for it. We think that Instagram will bring the gif sharing feature without using external tools to improve the steps it will take with a focus on continuous improvement of the platform in the coming days.

Do Gifs Share on Instagram Affect My Follower Count?

Every content you share on Instagram will have direct positive effects on your organic follower count. For this reason, you should use the gif sharing feature directly by using different tools to make your content more beautiful. Since Instagram will distinguish the gifs you have shared as a different share from the others, it will show the content you share directly in the discover section. Since the content shown in this section will attract the attention of other users, it will create excellent returns for you both in terms of interaction and the number of followers. For this reason, you can evaluate the advantages of the platform and use external tools to create beautiful gifs and share them.