What is Instagram's Close Friend Feature?

What is Instagram's Close Friend Feature?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media channels. This platform, which has a large user base, continues to increase its features day by day. The last update was the Instagram close friend feature. In other words, you can benefit from the advanced features of Instagram with your close friends, and you can share different shares according to your friends.

In other words, while you only share your private posts with your close friends you have added to the list, other people cannot see these posts. For example, only your close friends can see the stories you share on Instagram. In this way, you will ensure safer use of social media, and only the special people you specify can view your private moments.

How to Use Instagram Close Friend Feature?

Just like other stories, your stories stay for 24 hours in the close friend feature. While the friends you have selected here can view your stories, your other followers cannot view your stories.

So, how to add close friends on Instagram? If you ask;

  • In the first place, you need to click on the profile box in the lower right corner of your Instagram page.

  • Then your profile section will open here.

  • When you open your profile page, you need to click on the three bars at the top right.

  • In the tab that will be opened here, you will see the "close friends" option.

  • After clicking the "close friends" tab, your friend's list on your page will appear.

  • If you add the followers from here to the list of their close friends, you will be able to start using this feature of Instagram.

Using the Instagram close friend option will be that easy. You can use this option to feel more special or to make your private pictures and videos more special.

Seeing Instagram Close Friend List

Unlike other friends, a green icon will appear on the Instagram close friends list. This icon, which is red in other friends, turns green with the close friend feature. Thanks to this feature, you can set up your small groups and share your special moments only with your chosen friends. 

If you want to view the Instagram close friends list, simply click on the "close friends" option in your profile. Here you can view your chosen friends.

How Many People Are Added to the Instagram Close Friends List?

One of the most frequently asked questions of people who want to use the Instagram close friend feature is, how many people are added to the Instagram close friends list? Has had a question. You can add as many friends as you want to this list. There is no limit to this. When you want to add your close friends to this list, simply click on the boxes in the friend list. Apart from this, no situation will force the users.

Turning Off Instagram Close Friend Feature

Turning off the Instagram close friend feature is also pretty easy. You can remove your close friends from the list by going to the Instagram close friends list section on your profile. In other words, you can easily remove your friends with a blue tick from this list. Your friends who are removed from the list can no longer see your private story, that is, your stories.

How To Tell If Someone Has Taken You On Their Close Friend List?

If you want to know if you have been placed on the close friend's list, it is quite easy. Stories appear when you open the Instagram page. If there are red circles around these stories, it means that person has not put you on their close friend's list.

However, if the person has a green ring instead of the red ring in the story section, it means that the person has added you to their close friend's list. In other words, it is possible to understand whether one of the colors in the story has taken you to the list of close friends or not.

Apart from that, it is not clear whether you have included whom in the list of close friends. In other words, the person you have added to the close friend's list will not be notified in any way. The stories you share will not be understood because you do not include them in the list of close friends and cannot be viewed by people.

However, people you add to your close friend's list can view your stories. It will be understood that you have added your friend to the list, as the green ring will appear instead of the red ring, unlike usual here.